Delivery Drones and the Google Wing Project

I gave a guest lecture last Thursday at Carnegie Mellon University at their Adelaide campus in South Australia. (A special shout-out to the fantastic students that I met there!). The talk was on the recent growth of computer vision (CV) in the industry. At the end of the presentation I showed the students some really […]


My Top 5 Posts So Far

It’s been nearly 18 months since I started this blog. I did it to share my journey in computer vision with you. I love this field and I’m always stumbling across such fascinating things that I feel as though more people should know about them. I’ve seen this blog grow in popularity – much, much more than I […]


Google’s Dataset Search Engine

Did you know that there is now a search engine for datasets that is powered by Google? Well, there is! And it’s something that the research community and the industry have been needing (whether they knew it or not) for years now. This new search engine is called Dataset Search and can be found at […]


Seeing Around Corners with a Laser

In this post I would like to show you some results of another interesting paper I came across recently that was published last year in the prestigious Nature journal. It’s on the topic of non-line-of-sight (NLOS) imaging or, in other words, it’s about research that helps you see around corners. NLOS could be something particularly […]


Image Steganography – Simple Examples

In my last post I introduced the field of image steganography, which is the practice of concealing secret messages in digital images. I looked at the history of steganography and presented some recently reported real-life cases (including one from the FBI) where digital steganography was used for malicious purposes. In this post I would like to present […]


Image Steganography – An Introduction

In this post (part 1 of 2) I would like to introduce the topic of image steganography, which is the practice of concealing secret messages in digital images. I’ve always been fascinated by this subject so I have taken the excuse to research for this post as a way to delve into the topic. Turns […]


Image Completion from SIGGRAPH 2017

Oh, I love stumbling upon fascinating publications from the academic world! This post will present to you yet another one of those little gems that has recently fallen into my lap. It’s on the topic of image completion and comes from a paper published in SIGGRAPH 2017 entitled “Globally and Locally Consistent Image Completion” (project page […]