Computer Vision in the Fashion Industry – Part 3

In my last two posts I’ve looked at computer vision and the fashion industry. I introduced the lucrative fashion industry and showed what Microsoft recently did in this field with computer vision. I also presented two papers from last year’s International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV). In this post, the final of the series, I would […]


Computer Vision in the Fashion Industry – Part 1

(image source) Computer vision has a plethora of applications in the industry: cashier-less stores, autonomous vehicles (including those loitering on Mars), security (e.g. face recognition) – the list goes on endlessly. I’ve already written about the incredible growth of this field in the industry and, in a separate post, the reasons behind it. In today’s […]


Generating Heatmaps from Coordinates

In last week’s post I talked about plotting tracked customers or staff from video footage onto a 2D floor plan. This is an example of video analytics and data mining that can be performed on standard CCTV footage that can give you insightful information such as common movement patterns or common places of congestion at […]


Mapping Camera Coordinates to a 2D Floor Plan

Data mining is a big business. Everyone is analysing mouse clicks, mouse movements, customer purchase patterns. Such analysis has proven to give profitable insights that are driving businesses further than ever before. But not many people have considered data mining videos. What about all that security footage that has stacked up over the years? Can […]


Computer Vision on Mars

I was doing my daily trawl of the internet a few days ago looking at the latest news in artificial intelligence (especially computer vision) and an image caught my eye. The image was of one of the Mars Exploration Rovers (MER) that landed on the Red Planet in 2004. Upon seeing the image I thought […]


Machines That Can Read Our Minds

Who here watches Black Mirror? Oh, I love that show (maybe except for Season 4 – only one episode there was any good, IMHO). For those that haven’t seen it yet, Black Mirror basically tries to extrapolate what society will look like if technological advances were to continue on their current trajectory. A few of […]